ELFA engages Lynda Jackson to facilitate the Annual Future Leasing Leaders Institute

For the third consecutive year, ELFA engages Lynda Jackson to facilitate the Annual Future Leasing Leaders Institute.

For four days the leasing industry's top managers deliberated issues; developed competitive strategies for profitable growth; discussed concepts and philosophies with the industry's current leaders; shared management best practices; and participated in a leadership and communications workshop.

Canon Financial Services holds Telesales Trilogy

Twenty-seven District Sales Managers completed this three-day sales negotiation practicum.

Work groups adapted the concepts to their specific selling situations; results were immediate.

CIT Group, Inc. engages CLS to conduct Leadership Performance Seminar Series

The Series equips leaders with communication and presentation skills that garner the confidence, trust and support of those they lead, influence, mentor and serve.

Concepts and techniques are presented in familiar context so they can be easily understood and immediately implemented.

About Us

The learning professionals at Corporate Learning Systems specialize in creating client-specific courseware from a wide range of content modules designed to develop functional, interpersonal, tactical and character competencies.

Lynda Jackson is the founder and C.E.O. of Corporate Learning Systems (CLS). Ms. Jackson successfully managed several divisions for large financial services companies, developed top sales producers in the high technology and financial services industries and conducted motivational and sales training seminars nationally for over twenty-five years.

Believing training should be the cornerstone of a company, Ms. Jackson developed comprehensive training programs based on principles that apply to virtually every product and service: know your industry, know your products, satisfy the needs of your customer and engender trust.

Ms. Jackson has created highly effective training programs for leadership positions, outside sales, telemarketing, administration, customer service and collections. Her training emphasizes principle as much as process, enabling employees to respond swiftly and appropriately to uncommon situations. All training includes role playing activities, workgroup tasks and printed study materials.



Products and Services


Differences Can Drive Success

Increase profits and productivity. Increase employee satisfaction. Reduce stress in the workplace. Give your workforce the knowledge to leverage their natural differences in personality type.

Using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator instrument and C.G. Jung's theory of psychological types, a certified MBTI® professional can show how differences in experiencing events and making decisions can be valuable rather than divisive, and can be used constructively to promote personal development; manage conflict; and increase human understanding.

CLS offers the following MBTI® practicums:
  • Team-building
  • Leadership
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Organizational Change
  • Communications
  • Contact us today to discuss a custom program for your group.

Sales Trilogy
A three-day practicum for your sales force. Whether they sell a product or service, this highly interactive training program is ideal. It is driven by their specific offerings and the obstacles they routinely encounter. Day One is Concepts: how to discover the unique motives of each client; reach all decision-makers; identify needs; and handle objections. Day Two is Closing: how to clearly demonstrate value; ask the client to buy; respond to questions; and overcome rejection. Day Three is Practical Application: critiqued role-plays.
High Impact Service
A soft skills tutorial for associates who interact with vendors and customers during lease and finance origination tasks. It helps them exceed the expectations of vendors and customers, respond to questions, resolve conflict and handle over fifty common objections.
Premier Course for Collectors
PA soft skills tutorial for equipment leasing and finance collections. Collectors learn how to leverage human behavior, use questions to persuade, overcome forty-one frequent customer objections and follow up on broken promises. It also includes tutorials on bankruptcy and property tax.
Creating Value for the Vendor, Customer, Colleague and Company
A soft skills tutorial in elevating the service level of the organization. Every employee, regardless of job function, can gain useful knowledge and skills from this course. It has four companion forums in which learners share creating value best practices and collaborate on identifying corporate competitive advantages, creating internal networks and finding opportunity in real adversity.
Funding Solution Sales
This practicum is designed for the vendor sales force. Teamed with training in how to use a funding solution to close sales, it is a powerful tutorial for equipment salespeople. It dispels myths about leasing and finance, and shows why a funding solution is a tactical necessity at the point of sale.
Effective Communications
The Effective Communications Seminar focuses on leadership presence: appearance, behavior, conversation (verbal and written), emotional intelligence and versatility.

Statistical and anecdotal references persuade participants how their appearance, behavior and conversation will determine their success. They learn what works . . . what works against them; and why. 

Essential elements of effective leadership communication are: clarity; consistency; candor and cooperation. Each is explored through open discussion, case study and practical application. 

Diversity within a group is a functional advantage. Through discussion of personality types and predictable behavior, leaders learn the value of versatility. 

The session concludes with the reasons volunteer mentoring should be a top priority for all leaders.

Effective Communications
The effectiveness of a presentation is determined by how well the objective is defined from the perspective of the audience. Six Pillars of a Powerful Presentation is a practicum on organizing a meaningful and persuasive presentation. 

Participants work though the six steps of creating a powerful presentation: defining the objective; profiling the audience; facilitating an idea dump; creating a story; creating graphics; and drafting the “audience grab”.

They learn how to use various flow structures and how to create graphics that enhance – rather than distract from – their presentation.
They learn how to physically and mentally prepare to speak publicly and discover ways to control stress prior to and during a presentation.

This is a one-and-one-half day practicum. The first day the participants progress through the Six Steps. The second day they make their presentation to the group. The audience critiques the presentations and each participant receives their critique on a no-name basis. .


Workplace Learning and Performance Initiatives
Process Analysis

Helping clients determine and implement the most efficient processes for every aspect of their business cycle. 

Strategic Planning 

Organizing and facilitating strategic planning sessions. Stakeholders, with the help of industry experts, create a business plan around market conditions, challenges, external and internal impediments, voluntary and forced limitations, competitive forces, opportunities, growth targets and profit objectives. 

Process Documentation

Operational documentation. As clients grow, the documentation of electronic and manual tasks is often neglected. Performance improvement professionals can map a documentation initiative that delegates tasks, monitors production, edits content and insures that all functionality is properly documented. 

Promotion Criterion Mapping 

Standardized promotion criterion elucidates expectations and reduces the risk of discrimination allegations and biased decisions. Utilize the best practices knowledge of CLS to help establish your promotion criterion. 

Learning Management System Selection 

Learning management encompasses every aspect of an organization’s human resources development. It involves the formation, facilitation, evaluation and monitoring of all learning. Effective learning management leverages the collective skills and knowledge of the organization’s entire workforce. CLS will help you select the right Learning Management System for your company. 

Career Pathing Programs 

CLS helps companies create career pathing architecture that is consistent, yet adaptable to variables within the workforce. 

Workplace Learning and Performance Role Determination 

Identify what individuals should assume the WLP roles. Do those who perform key WLP roles (manager/ analyst/ selector/ developer/ facilitator/ change leader/ evaluator) fully grasp all aspects of your business: strategies; operations; economics; market trends; competition? Through best practices knowledge and intra-company interviews we identify the most qualified candidates to support WLP initiatives. 

Critical Competency Determination 

The competency matrix CLS will help you develop will eliminate the subjectivity of role qualification and drive workforce initiative. Multi-media Learning Architecture To provide every learner the opportunity to gain knowledge at a time most convenient to their personal schedules, we help companies establish a media-diverse learning library; including:

  • Instructor-led (internal and external)
  • Self-study (Web-based & Computer-based)
  • On-the-job (Documented; measured & reported)
  • Cross-training
  • Mentoring
  • Task force assignment
  • Simulation
  • Guest speaker
  • Team-building exercises
  • Community involvement
Client Surveys
Surveys are unique tools for assessing the quality of client relationships; measuring the success of service strategies; determining best practices; and benchmarking performance. CLS professionals help clients determine what data is useful and profile the participants. High level telephone interviews yield reliable results and the data is compiled to the client’s specifications.
Meeting Facilitation
Whether a strategic planning session; management conference or client advisory meeting, facilitation is key to a productive meeting. Let CLS organize the activities for optimum results. Our involvement begins with helping set an inspiring agenda. We manage advance materials; keep participants informed; and engage the audience throughout the event.